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I had the most delightful day with my daughter yesterday, we went to the movies, then to the park, then pretended to be different animals for the rest of the afternoon (she’s three years old – just to put it into context). I feel pretty lucky to be able to have days like this! But I digress. Going to the movies is an expensive outing these days, especially once you add in the food and drink that you might buy once you’re there. BYO is the way forward, not just economically but nutritionally. I love popcorn! It’s such a fantastic snack, but the stuff that you get at the cinema is not. I won’t go on about it, we all know it’s not great; trans fats, fake butter flavour, popcorn lung, you get the idea.

Why not make your own and be the director of your own ‘choose you own adventure’ popcorn story! It’s fast, inexpensive, versatile, and you can make it into a legitimate nutritional snack – score!

Here’s what we took with us yesterday.

Almond, buckwheat, chia, sesame, goji, sunflower seed, coconut flake, dried mulberry, dulse flake, coconut oil popcorn.

My daughter was thrilled as her home-made popcorn was immediately coveted by the girls next to us, and she then proceeded to tell them all about how to make it – so cute!

I always start with the same base, and then add to that depending on the occasion.
I use coconut oil as it is safe to use at high temperatures.

1/4 cup popcorn kernels (organic and non-GM if you can)
1 tablespoon coconut oil
pinch sea salt
1-2 tsp dulse flakes

Tip number one:
Heat the coconut oil in a saucapan to a med-high heat, not too high or you will end up with burnt semi-popped corn.
Pop 3-4 kernals into the pan and put the lid on. Once one of the kernals pops, add the rest of your kernals and cover.
Shimmy the pot around every now and then, and when you are down to 1-2 pops a second, you’re done!

Transfer to a serving bowl and top with something delicious. I also made two other varieties, but the options are literally endless!

Topping ideas:
sesame seeds
sunflower seeds
chia seeds
goji berries
coconut flakes – pre toast them for amazing deliciousness
nuts: any, roughly chopped
unsalted butter
parmesan cheese
curry powder
rosemary and garlic
lemon and parsley or basil
honey and butter
cacao nibs

Two other ideas for you:

Spirulina Superfood Popcorn

2 tbs coconut butter/oil
1/4-1/2 tsp spirulina
1/2-1 tsp maca powder
1/2 tsp dulse flakes
sea salt to taste
Add all ingredients to melted coconut butter/oil and add to the popcorn.

Chilli Chocolate Popcorn

2 tsp raw cacao powder
2 tbs coconut oil/butter
1/2 tsp maple syrup or honey
Pinch of chilli powder to taste
Pinch of sea salt
Pinch of dulse flakes
Add all ingredients to melted coconut butter/oil and add to the popcorn.

Enjoy! I’d love to hear everyone else’s favourite popcorn experiments too. x

6 thoughts on “Pimp up your Popcorn”

  • Love this idea, especially the chili chocolate version! I’m currently back at home visiting family (who aren’t quite as whole-foods-conscious) and am trying to sneak more nutrients into their calories when I can. Can’t wait to give this a try.

  • Hi!

    Three questions which may seem silly:
    1. What are dulse flakes?
    2. With salt (or other seasonings ie chilli chocolate) are you putting these flavourings into the coconut oil for the popcorn to pop in or mixing through after it’s popped?
    3. I’m all for coconut oil but don’t have any at the moment – would butter work or not so well with high heat?

    Thanks heaps! I love popcorn so if I could have it healthy that’d be a dream come true!!!

    • Hi Nicole,
      There are no silly questions!!
      Dulse is a sea vegetable, full of wonderful minerals, and the flakes are just one way of eating them.
      I mix the seasonings through after popping, and yes butter works with the high heat.
      Enjoy! x

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