Wholefood Baking, Jude Blereau Style.

That Jude, she’s done it again! What? An essential masterpiece of baking, written with love and fantastically photographed and styled. It is an absolute joy to read for the novice and seasoned baker alike. Not only is this gorgeous book packed with amazing recipes, it caters for specific dietary needs (gluten free, dairy free, egg free), and spills forth a thoughtful, detailed and educational section on explaining the different ingredients, tools and equipment for the kitchen, and a beautiful piece on the instinct and technique of baking. LOVE. Strawberry Mousse Tart; Vanilla and Almond Cake with Rose Almond Cream and Raspberry Jam; Sweet and Sour Dark Chocolate Buttermilk Cake; Blackberry and Cacao Nib Panna Cotta Trifle; Carrot, Pistachio and Amaranth Cake; Banana and Coconut Bread with Passionfruit Icing; Cornmeal, Spelt, Parmesan and Cheddar Crackers. I could go on forever – it’s ridiculous! It is actually RIDICULOUS how amazing these recipes look, and I love that I know that Jude has put so much love and soul into putting them all together.

Can I get a round of virtual applause for Jude?

Jude has been kind enough to give My Wholefood Romance a copy to give away. I have had in my possession for two whole days this amazing book. All I want to do is rip into it and lovingly start to ‘season’ the pages with delicious mess. But, I have been handling it very carefully, not opening up the pages too much – it’s very hard!! But I am so happy to have the pleasure of giving it away. So, how to decide. I thought, given I am about to start a new series on transforming your pantry step-by-step into a wholefood loving pantry, that I would base it around this.

I would love to hear what element of wholefood you struggle with the most in your home. Is it not having the right ingredients, time, knowledge, inspiration, etc. If you don’t struggle, tell me what you love most about it. Inspire me! Let me know in the comments section below and I will pick a winner on Wednesday 24th April. Available to Australian residents only, sorry!

For everyone else, Wholefood Baking will be available for purchase from the 1st May.
Mother’s Day guys – here’s hoping!

Also, stay tuned for the first instalment of wholefood pantry transformation, along with a delish recipe, starting with good old grains. x

51 thoughts on “Wholefood Baking, Jude Blereau Style.”

  • The part I struggle with is the washing up! I love getting into the kitchen & making a big mess, tasting & testing along the way & then having ample stock of healthy meals & snacks to show for my work. But the mess to clean up afterwards…
    Jude’s new book looks fantastic, I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • With three small children, I struggle most with having the time to prepare a lot or it, and my other struggle is probably inspiration! My range of resources is currently limited so I’m looking to broaden! Jude’s book would certainly help!!

  • I struggle the most with inspiration! I find it easy to fall into a rut and just keep cooking the same old thing. I have only recently started my Wholefood journey and still getting the hang of it. My husband has been a wonderful support and goes along it with it for me. He has quite a sweet tooth and I would love to cook some things that I would be proud to leave my kitchen and that he’d be excited to eat. I think Jude’s book wou.d be a hit at my house! I have tried to buy it already but it is not yet available at book depository.

  • I have twin 4.5 year old girls, studying, two blogs, work at the best place ever and I suffer CFS – oh but of course! 🙂 In and amongst all this, I spend every other second in the kitchen creating foods that I can eat around my digestive and allergy issues. I LOVE TO COOK! I LOVE TO CREATE! But sometimes I just want flip open a gorgeous cookbook and try someone else’s creations, even if I have to tweak them a little!! Jude’s creations are exactly what I am talking about….a little bit of deliciousness and a bucket load of inspiration!
    Best addition to my cookbook collection. EVER!

  • Hi Meg, how exciting Jude’s book and your first giveaway! My wholefood pantry is pretty well stocked as I think you may already know that I write a wholefood blog too. What I would be interested in hearing is your tips for wholefood budgeting, some wholefood pantry items can be quite expensive. My approach is to rotate purchasing of the pricier non essential items. Thanks for the opportunity to win Jude’s book. x

  • I love cooking with Wholefoods and try my best to feed my almost 1yr old son and husband nothing but healthy yet delicious foods. I struggle to find great recipes that are wheat free, vegan and cane sugar free though so often I experiment with recipes I find on the net which often end in disaster! I would love to bake some of these amazing treats in Judes book for his birthday party at the end if the month!

  • I am new to cooking with wholefoods, and I am struggling to get a nice collection of recipes together that I know will be worth cooking. I am overwhelmed by the amount on the internet and would love to have a gorgeous book full of recipes that I know will be brilliant to cook and indulge in. Thanks x

  • I am so jealous! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of Jude’s new book…my copies of her older books are certainly showing their use! I’m glad to hear you are starting your make over-the-pantry series with grains! We try to be 100% wheat free and GF as much as possible, as you know, I love to bake, but I often have disasters in the GF department…can’t wait to hear what suggestions you might have x

  • What a star Jude is for putting together another fabulous book. My little girl and I baked an apple and fig cake from her Wholefood for Children book just this morning and oh my, it is so delicious 🙂

    To be honest, we struggle with finding ways to make fermented veggies part of our life. Hubby and I both have problems with our intestinal health, so any suggestions you can offer in this regard would be very welcome.

  • Hi Meg…
    I started following your blog a few months ago to learn everything I could about your whole food romance! One step at a time I have been changing things in my home so I am able to prepare deliciously healthy food for my little family. I guess just beginning I do struggle with knowledge and am always searching recipes and ingredients. However my biggest struggle is getting my extended family and friends to understand the changes I am trying to make for my family. My goal is to have a world of knowledge and beautiful recipes so I can introduce the to a wonderful way of life through the meals we share! I would love to begin my collection with a book by someone you speak so highly of.
    Thank you..

    • Hi Stace, Thanks so much for this comment! I totally hear you on the struggle with getting family to understand what you are trying to do. It’s a tough one! Stick with it. Sharing meals is so intrinsic and gives us not only nutrition but a feeling of connectedness, relaxation, and a family ritual to treasure – massive fan! x

  • Hi Meg,

    Jude is creating quite a buzz around the place. I found her books maybe 10 years ago and she has been a constant companion in the kitchen. So what challenges do I face with wholefoods- sometimes the preparation involved in advance 9remembering to soak those beans!), the cost with some of the items and how to reduce cost. I love keeping recipes flowing for inspiration. The more the merrier.

    Inspiration, is that the more you explore wholefoods the more it changes your whole attitude on food and what is most commonly sold to us in ads, supermarkets etc.

    Looking forward to more posts from you

  • I have Jude’s book Coming Home to eat and love it. First time visitor popping over from the wholefood mama. I must make a cuppa and read some of your old posts 🙂

  • Although not OZ based (but I would pay postage) I still wanted to add the wholefood difficulty.
    Over time (keeping food diary) I discovered that my digestive system does not like yeast based products and derivatives; and milk protiens. So that delicious home made fresh bread… forget it. Some nice greek yoghurt… forget it. They may all be yummy for my tummy (and tastebuds) but then the stomach will swell nicely; and the intestines will scream and shout; and let it… (you know the lyrics).
    Superfoods like Kale are virtually impossible to find in Switzerland – and im having to look into growing my own. Already our decent balcony vegetables are beginning to sprout – but our cold winters mean it is not possible to harvest all year round. Access to Gojji berries or Chia seeds are health-food shops only – and boy do they like their markups. Ouch.
    Having combinations of easy to find; bio; tasty; vegetables and fruits and nuts; to make great meals becomes more expensive and storage in hot summers less easy. Thank you iHerb.
    It is still nice to supplement the diet with fish and meat (small quantities) – but im always checking out the bloat factor.
    So yes im looking forward to your written contributions next month.

  • Howdy,
    I really struggle with food that gives me an instant kick like refined sugar does, without using sugar.
    I had a baby just on 3 months ago, it’s been very hard as he was born 2 months too early so the nights at the hospital have been long. Now he is home, I feel I need sugar at about 7pm and stay away from anything I haven’t cooked and isn’t “real” but I just don’t know all that many recipes! I would love to learn different recipes that practically show sugar substitutes in action, rather than just saying what they are.
    Keep writing, it’s so lovely to read.
    Stace and little baby Oscar

    • I’ll happily stand corrected; but get yourself a small ‘juicer’ and make up some fresh fruit buzz drinks. All natural sugars. Mango + Orange + Corriander (Cilantro) as option.

  • I love the energy and vitality I receive from whole foods. And most importantly, the flavors! Whole foods are far more delicious than overly processed, packaged alternatives!

  • I think the challenge for me is learning how many new ingredients work and interact with each other. I’m enjoying the feeling of slowly understanding how to use them and creating new versions of old family favourites!

  • I love whole food cooking, have never minded the extra time required and keeping the pantry stocked, but I must say baking IS a challenge. My daughter was recently diagnosed with autism and we are trialing a gluten free, casein free diet and I certainly feel out of my depth! I would say I have a 50% success rate with baking, which isn’t too bad, but annoying when ingredients are expensive!

  • Hi there, I’m a single muma to a 1yr old girl. I love wholefood cooking but things I struggle with is cost and variety. We are slowly building our pantry but I live in a small coastal town so what we do have available usually comes at a cost due to freight. Also energy and time can play a factor, though I’m proud to say our 1st bday cake was one of Jude’s and very delicious. Love your blog

  • I definitely feel that my biggest issue with wholefoods is the cost. Also storage! To cut down on cost it makes sense to buy in bulk from a wholefood supplier, however in order to store large volumes I have to find a place for these foods. It can be tricky in a small inner city home with more people than rooms, especially when preferring to use glass (airtight glass doesn’t seem to be readily available in very large volumes for, say, the odd 5kgs of almond meal I’d like to have lying around. 🙂

    But yes, Jude is awesome. Would *love* her new book!

  • I sometimes struggle with getting my husband on board. It would be okay if the youngest boy in the house wasn’t so keen to share Dad’s bbq shapes!!!

    I’m not sure if my email will come up with this post, so in case I am the lucky winner of this amazing book, here it is…
    tancredi at live dot come dot au

  • I struggle with not having the tools and the space that I would like. I have recently moved back to Brisbane from London due to my family illness and am living with a friend so all of my things were sold before i moved to london (6 months ago).

    I am staying with a friend and while that is lovely (and very kind of her) its not the same as having your own things and space to work with and I cant afford to buy everything so am making do.



    • Hi Cherie, it’s very hard when you are not in your own space. Don’t feel you have to go and but a whole lot of amazing superfoods and the like though, a simple and beautiful soup is as wholefood as anything else! Take care. x

  • Hi everyone, thank you so much for all your wonderful comments! I appreciate each and every one, and am so grateful that you have taken the time to reflect and share your feelings about wholefood in your world! Just a small glitch – I neglected to ask people to include their emails. If possible, could you please reply to your comment with it, or private message me on My Wholefood Romance’s facebook page, so that I can contact the winner!
    Thanks again, x

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