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Golden Turmeric Milk – to cure what ails ya.

Golden Turmeric Milk – to cure what ails ya.

turmeric milk 0Turmeric is a magical spice. From the same family as ginger, this root herb is warming and bitter in nature, but has a lovely mild, woody flavour. The healing properties of turmeric have been greatly researched, and it is used widely by natural therapists, both in liquid, capsule and powder (dietary) form. It has a long tradition in India, where it is used generously and daily in the diet.

Turmeric is a beautiful antioxidant, scavenging free radicals and protecting our DNA. It is also massively anti-inflammatory (great for arthritis, menstrual pain), is protective of our liver, improves liver detoxification, and can decrease blood lipids – improving cholesterol levels. Not only that, but turmeric can promote wound healing, is antimicrobial, and its active component curcumin can be used in cancer treatment.

turmeric milk handThe great thing about turmeric is that it is fairly easy to get through your diet. You need around one teaspoon daily to have a therapeutic effect, or less for general wellbeing. Apart from adding it to your curries, stews, soups, and rice or grain dishes, turmeric is also great friends with cauliflower, and egg, so feel free to sneak some into your omelettes.

One potential downer of this superhero called turmeric, is that it can be quite poorly absorbed by the body. Lucky I have a couple of fancy tricks for you. First of all, turmeric is fat soluble, so be sure to consume it together with some fat – usually the meals that you would be adding it too do have fat of some kind, so this is great. Secondly, black pepper increases the bioavailability of turmeric by over 1000% – wowsers, so add some black pepper into the same meal.

Another idea is this golden milk, an ancient, traditional drink. This is my version. It is a …

Pretty Potato Salad with edible flowers

Pretty Potato Salad with edible flowers

photo 1We are having the most insanely awesome fresh produce week! It is just so inspiring to have such deliciousness at your fingertips – the problem is deciding what to make! It all started with my veggie box delivery from Grown and Gathered, which looked like this.

photo 4So much excitement for one little naturopath! Heirloom tomatoes, mixed basil, multicoloured squash, apple cucumbers, other cute cucumbers, garlic, carrots, green rhubarb, rocquet (arugula), shallots, chillis, bok choy, and a jar of edible flowers – my favourite!  Then, on visiting my gorgeous friend Jo out of town, we came away with this:

photo 3Green beans, chard, red and yellow tomatoes, giant spring onions (green onions), a cucumber, and some variety of Italian bitter green. Oh and let’s not forget a few bottles of natural spring water collected from the source – amazing! So lucky. As much as I adore shopping for my own ingredients, I also love eating this way as it forces you to use produce that you may not normally have on hand, and you will no doubt come up with some new favourites.

I have the edible flowers marked for a few things, but today I want to share a pimped up potato salad with a zingy dressing. Growing up, I was fairly obsessed with potato salad, and it was one of the first things I remembered being able to help with – I was allowed to pick the mint! This connection with our food – how it grows, where it comes from, what it looks like, how you cook it, is VITAL to the way that we eat and our relationship with food. The more that we can learn about our own food, the greater satisfaction we will have in enjoying it and the more respect we have for the …

Fancy a Cleanse? How about this 21 day reboot!

Fancy a Cleanse? How about this 21 day reboot!


So, I have been working away for the past few months on this project with the wonderful Jadah and Jen from Simple Green Smoothies. The end result is this beautiful, gentle but powerful cleanse to nourish, refresh and reboot your system. I am really proud of this, and our fabulous test group have had fantastic results.

I know, it’s the end of winter in Oz, not typically the most popular time for cleansing and rebirth. But this cleanse is a bit different. No starving or deprivation, or complicated meal plans with crazy ingredients (although I do love a crazy ingredient – don’t get me wrong!) The intention is to gently cleanse and then set you up on the right path to wellness-town.


This cleanse is simple, effective and empowering. Simple and delicious recipes with step by step instructions and printable shopping lists. Effective in removing junk from your system and leaving you with more energy. And empowering in the way that you will reconnect with the food you eat. Bring that on! There are 40 recipes, meal plans, extra green smoothie recipes, and a whole lot of fabulous, thoughtful and relevant nutritional information (if I do say so myself) to help you understand the whys and hows of it all.
Another great thing about this cleanse is that you have access to a private Facebook group to be able to ask any questions, share your experiences, and hold yourself accountable!


I feel like I should be throwing in steak knives or something at this point… ha! I did just want to share this with you though, and I’m really pleased with the results. Something I didn’t consider, but am thrilled to hear, is how this cleanse has given people the confidence not only to cook, but to enlist their own …