Creating a Wholefood Pantry: WHOLEGRAINS – part 1. And a baked porridge.

Creating a Wholefood Pantry: WHOLEGRAINS – part 1. And a baked porridge.

Baked Porridge – awesome!

I forget that it can be a little daunting sometimes, cooking with wholefoods and knowing what to do with half the stuff. There is SO MUCH information out there, some great, some not so much. It may seem easier to stick your head in the sand, or cover your ears and sing a Bowie classic, but can I tell you if you stick with it the results are so worth it! Starting today I am putting together a series on how to convert your pantry, one step at a time, to a wholefood style larder (that just sounds more luscious than pantry doesn’t it?).

So grab a cuppa, and settle in to read all about the first on the agenda, due to popular vote,  WHOLEGRAINS.

Note** I have edited this post about three times now, it is SUCH a big topic, and I want to do it justice, it is really hard to condense this information! Please let me know if you would prefer to hear about it from another angle. I am starting with some general info and three gluten free ‘grains’ – Buckwheat, Quinoa and Oats (controversially). The other grains and how to prepare and cook them all is to follow.

Grains have a bit of a checkered reputation at the moment. There are a lot of people restricting them greatly, or not eating them at all. And then there is the other side of the fence with a lot of people eating mainly grains.

We need to understand also that wholegrains are a whole different ball game to refined grains, and require a completely different set of digestive skills. Remember your mother or grandparents telling you to chew your food 32 times? They were actually onto something! This is what it takes to …

Nourishing New Mums with Breakfast Loaf-Cake

Nourishing New Mums with Breakfast Loaf-Cake

There were very exciting times in our family last week, as my beautiful sister gave birth to a fabulous baby girl!! Yay! Everyone is doing magnificently in case you were interested… I love that when someone has a baby, there is an outpouring of generosity, often in the form of food. Some people create ‘food trees’ where there is an organised delivery system amongst the family and friends of the new mum – check out here and here for a very detailed account on how you can do it. I particularly like he idea of asking the family when the help will be most appreciated, as it can often be when one partner goes back to work that the real need for ready made, delicious, sustaining and nutritious food will be at its peak! I also think it’s great to check what the family do and don’t eat/like.

So, I decided to make my baby sister a loaf-cake. I’m not sure what a loaf-cake is, but I think that it’s this. Loaf sounds a bit boring, and cake doesn’t sound nutritious enough, so loaf-cake it is!

I have made this with a view to including all the important aspects of breakfast in a quick and easy to eat snack. It has more protein than the average breakfast cereal, no sugar, and plenty of fibre which is regularly needed for new mums to get the old bowels moving again!

It is packed with good fats, B vitamins, iron, and calcium to nourish, sustain and encourage effective breast feeding.

I have also included organic mulberries (thanks Loving Earth) which are said to tonify the blood, and are also rich in protein, iron, calcium, B vitamins, magnesium and antioxidants, winners! You can use any dried fruit, my sister doesn’t like sultanas, so