A Wholefood Tasting Plate with Avocado Salsa and Walnut & Sage ‘Pate’

A Wholefood Tasting Plate with Avocado Salsa and Walnut & Sage ‘Pate’

Walnut and Sage ‘Pate’ Balls

Growing up, my family would have ‘platters’ on given occasions. My sister and I loved these platters that were decorated with a number of usual suspects; black pepper pate, fruit cheese, gherkins, and savoy biscuits. And there was always the ceremonial using of the duck pate knife, which we thought was very flash! I still love platters. I associate them with good times, good conversation and sharing food – all of which play a starring role in the making of my own family traditions with my husband and daughter now.

The platters have changed a bit over the years though. My perfect platter, or tasting plate to be more fancy about it, must have a dip, a cheese, some sort of crunchy vehicle to get these into your mouth, something raw, and a nice balance of colours so that it looks pretty too.

I thought I would share a couple of favourites here: avocado salsa and walnut and sage ‘pate’.

The Food Matters Project’s menu for this week was Five Quick Salsas For Chips, Dips and other Stuff – you can see the original recipeĀ here.

Avocados should feature in every home’s fruit bowl. They have an abundance of monounsaturated fat. This is good! Monounsaturated fats have beneficial effects on cholesterol and cardiovascular disease, and they are a more stable fat and therefore do not become rancid as easily as the polyunsaturated types.

Avocados also contain a natural source of lecithin – a food for our brains and again assists will cholesterol levels. They are high in lutein, vitamin K, calcium, folate and vitamin C, and because of their combination of good fats and vitamins, are a fabulous skin food. So, healthy heart, glowing skin, boosted immune system and protection against certain cancers (bowel …