Local Gatherings and the beauty of sharing

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I have a different kind of message to share with you today. But don’t worry, food is still at the heart!

The moment I heard about Local Gatherings I wanted to share the concept. Simple, thoughtful and beautiful, they are all about creating intimate gatherings that celebrate the pure joy of connecting with others in a very raw and honest way. Picture amazing share plates of deliciousness, a beautiful atmosphere, and perfectly curated styling and you can begin to see why I was so enchanted.

Using their strong background in styling and design, Stephanie and Sarah have a way of creating a space that feels comfortable, welcoming and beautiful, pleasing all of our senses – these two are masters of their craft.

Drawing inspiration from family meals to create a sense of community and connection, it’s a concept that I love and live by too. One that believes food and sharing meals together enables a special connection between people. Passing share plates, experiencing the same meal, and talking with people about it creates a bond over one of the most primal and basic of activities – enjoying food! Simple work lunches like the one pictured show that it certainly doesn’t have to be complicated either.

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It reminds me about the importance of eating with others. We have all been guilty at some time or another of eating standing in the kitchen, in the car, at our desks, or even just skipping meals in favour of a coffee on the go. Australia, the U.K. and the U.S.A. seem to be particularly bad at this. Looking at French, Italian and other European cultures, it’s the opposite. Taking an hour or two off for a proper lunch is just unheard of here. And in South Korea, the importance of eating with others is so revered that you can actually pay to have a ‘virtual’ meal with someone via Skype!

Studies show that people who share meals together tend to be less stressed, happier and have a better nutrient intake. And for kids it models good eating habits, but can also improve the likelihood to try new foods – therefore reducing fussy eating, and can even improve their vocabulary. How cool is that?!
Digestively, it certainly means food is absorbed and processed more effectively, whether you have a compromised digestive system or not. Eating ‘on the go’ leaves our body directing energy away from the process of digestion, stopping us from gaining the full nutritional benefit from our food.


So although it may not always be possible, I hope this inspires you to enjoy your food with others when you can, because food is the best! Thank you Local Gatherings for reminding us. x

Beautiful photography by Lilli Waters.

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