Double Chocolate Pancakes vs Blackberry Buckwheat


Pancakes are great! I’m fairly sure I’m not on my own there. The reason I love them so much is that they are so versatile – savoury, sweet, traditional, thin crepe-like, thick pikelet style, and they lend themselves beautifully to catering for any food intolerances. A few weeks ago, The Urban List asked if I would create a healthy pancake recipe for them, which I was super chuffed about, but it got me thinking. I don’t really like to use the word ‘healthy’, as I don’t think it means a whole lot. People have vastly different ideas on what healthy is, and compounded with a complete overload of information available these days, it makes for a confusing world! So, in putting these recipes together, rather than holding them up as the perfect healthy pancakes, I thought about giving some great, sustaining nutrition in the morning, I thought about making them as allergy friendly as possible, and of course I wanted to make them simple and delicious!


I was very fortunate to have the lovely Jacqui Wilkins in my kitchen to take these beautiful snaps for Urban List – thank you Jacqui. This has inspired me further to take that big grown up step of organising an actual real camera to take my photos with, rather than relying on the ol’ iPhone – which I think has done a pretty good job so far… It also inspired me to clean up my kitchen, ha ha!


I ended up with two pancake recipes – Blackberry Buckwheat, and Double Chocolate and Coconut. As promised they are easy and quick to make, contain no gluten, dairy or sugar, and are deee-lish! The double chocolate numbers are grain-free, so take extra care when flipping.




I think you’ll be pleased! You can find the recipes here.

In other news, I wanted to thank Loving Earth for having me as their featured foodie for April – creating recipes with your beautiful products is such a pleasure!

And finally, I have a completely awesome giveaway for your beautiful wholefooders coming up very soon, so stay tuned for that one! Have a fabulous week. x


7 thoughts on “Double Chocolate Pancakes vs Blackberry Buckwheat”

    • Hi Alex, unfortunately the eggs are definitely needed with this recipe, especially the chocolate ones as there are no grains either. Sorry! I have some vegan breakfast pancakes back in an earlier post if you do a search, and you can actually add nut milk or oat milk to them to thin them out a bit. Hope that helps! x

    • Hi Alex,

      This is way late so you probably won’t read this, but I’ve made this vegan easily by just subbing the egg for chia seeds! Just it works well on non-stick pans or at least good frying pans and tends to be a disaster (sticks to the pan and won’t work at all) on shoddy frying pans/those where everything always sticks. And I add plenty of oil to avoid it sticking (if you use coconut oil for frying you’re still A-OK for health, after all! :P). So like Meg says it probably doesn’t hold AS well without the egg, but mine have turned out fabulously veganised with enough oil and a good fry pan! 🙂

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