Wholefood Baking, Jude Blereau Style.

That Jude, she’s done it again! What? An essential masterpiece of baking, written with love and fantastically photographed and styled. It is an absolute joy to read for the novice and seasoned baker alike. Not only is this gorgeous book packed with amazing recipes, it caters for specific dietary needs (gluten free, dairy free, egg free), and spills forth a thoughtful, detailed and educational section on explaining the different ingredients, tools and equipment for the kitchen, and a beautiful piece on the instinct and technique of baking. LOVE. Strawberry Mousse Tart; Vanilla and Almond Cake with Rose Almond Cream and Raspberry Jam; Sweet and Sour Dark Chocolate Buttermilk Cake; Blackberry and Cacao Nib Panna Cotta Trifle; Carrot, Pistachio and Amaranth Cake; Banana and Coconut Bread with Passionfruit Icing; Cornmeal, Spelt, Parmesan and Cheddar Crackers. I could go on forever – it’s ridiculous! It is actually RIDICULOUS how amazing these recipes look, and I love that I know that Jude has put so much love and soul into putting them all together.

Can I get a round of virtual applause for Jude?

Jude has been kind enough to give My Wholefood Romance a copy to give away. I have had in my possession for two whole days this amazing book. All I want to do is rip into it and lovingly start to ‘season’ the pages with delicious mess. But, I have been handling it very carefully, not opening up the pages too much – it’s very hard!! But I am so happy to have the pleasure of giving it away. So, how to decide. I thought, given I am about to start a new series on transforming your pantry step-by-step into a wholefood loving pantry, that I would base it around this.

I would love to hear what element of wholefood you struggle with the most in your home. Is it not having the right ingredients, time, knowledge, inspiration, etc. If you don’t struggle, tell me what you love most about it. Inspire me! Let me know in the comments section below and I will pick a winner on Wednesday 24th April. Available to Australian residents only, sorry!

For everyone else, Wholefood Baking will be available for purchase from the 1st May.
Mother’s Day guys – here’s hoping!

Also, stay tuned for the first instalment of wholefood pantry transformation, along with a delish recipe, starting with good old grains. x