PMS, Chocolate and a Blueberry Fudge.

Food as medicine is a beautiful concept. I figure, we have to eat, why not eat something that can make our ailments fade and our bodies sing! 
Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food, as Hippocrates said about two and a half thousand years ago, it’s not a new concept!
It makes sense that what we eat can effect the way out body behaves.
Around 70-90% of adult women experience some form of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) each month, with symptoms ranging from bloating, pain, headaches, fluid retention, back pain, mood changes and emotional outbursts, just to name a few. The cause is multifactorial, involving dietary, hormonal, emotional and lifestyle factors. 
In other words, what you eat and what you do with your body can have a wonderful effect on you symptoms. Here are my top tips. 

1. There are certain key nutrients that are extremely helpful and have been shown to reduce symptoms, and these include magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, and Omega 3 fatty acids. Pack in as much of these as you can in the form of nuts and seeds, green leafy vegetables, whole unrefined grains, oily fish, and all vegetables in general.

2. Reduce sugar and refined foods. 
Sugary foods not only strip the body of nutrients, but spike your blood sugar, impair oestogen metabolism, and mess with your mood. Not a great combination for this time of the month!
It is also a good idea to keep a lid on your caffeine intake as it is associated with a worsening of symptoms. Likewise with alcohol. This may sound all very bleak and boring, until you realise all the AWESOME things you CAN have, and how you can make chocolate that’s not chocolate (read on!). And once you realise how GREAT you feel from

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